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The new album of Ukrainian metal band Ex Animo is a well-balanced mix of Dark, Doom and Symphonic metal. Aggressive, but still melodic sound, dark atmosphere and thoughtful lyrics – this is the result of several years of experiments inspired by the genius of Anathema, Moonspell, The Gathering, Black Sun Aeon, October Tide, Swallow the Sun, Paradise Lost.

Album features the compositions from a prior demo “Souglass”, accompanied by the five completely new tracks. Whether you are haunted by the ghosts from the past or suppressed by the fear of the future, you will find a song that echoes in you.

“Neverday” - the day that never comes, the moment when a man will be able to finally throw away the burden of fake and imposed values, listen to his inner self and realize why he came in this world.


released April 14, 2016



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Ex Animo Kharkiv, Ukraine

Ex Animo is a Dark/Doom metal band from Ukraine.

Current lineup:
Andrew Lunko - guitars, vocals;
Victor Kotlyarov - guitars;
Julia Orwell - vocals;
Evgeniy Pavlov - bass;
Aleksey Semenyakin - drums.
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Track Name: Neverday
All hopes are shattered on the floor
I voluntarily close the open door of my own cage
Oh, I have gone astray
My aching mind is lost in yesterday

Don't look back, bridges burn
There's no return
Let a new day begin
Devour my fear

What is left of confidence?
Nobody else can see the walls you face

All I could ever find in life
I sacrifice tonight

Don't look back, bridges burn
There's no return
Let a new day begin
Devour my fear

You're running, hiding
Lost and somber
Faltering, falling
Is this what you want?

I am losing the game
Don't you see? I'm forlorn
In the heart of the night
Specters are haunting my mind

Lead me through the dark and show me
How to break
The prison of my doubts where every
Dream is fake
Give me strength; I will strive
For every treasure of this life
Track Name: Aeons Of Sadness
Inside of you a million dying stars,
Shatters of your soul
Inside of me a thousand broken lives
Bounded by one sorrow

Memory may fade,
but the promise will stay
I'm in love with my agony
and this agony has your name
I cannot escape the feeling inside
that I will never fight
a subtle sadness in your eyes

And no one knows that void has swallowed us
That we don't belong in this world
Don't be afraid, we are one
Wherever you go, I'll follow

Please, let me rest now,
for my spirit is weak;
In hours of despair remember -
My shadow's always near

Now you are gone
And the secret's revealed
You were hiding behind the mask
But you've never learned to live
I couldn't escape that feeling inside
and I never fought
a subtle sadness in your eyes
Track Name: Soulglass
Sing the swan song of honour
I'll stay no one in my sweet misery
And you will not ever feel the sorrow
As standing at my grave with the smile of a deceiver

Once I felt so much love of yours
And once you left at nightfall
Now remember the fragile trustful soul
That lived for you

Don't be so shy,
Don't close your eyes
Watch me enfeebled dying in your arms
It's time for you to drink the wine
From a bleeding soulglass

Hear the music of winds
Their dirge for me will last forever
Feel the pain I have borne through all these years
As a ghost from the past I will haunt you, my dear

Why don't you leave me?

I'm not the one to bless you
On your way to depth
Cursed and forsaken soul
In your own hell
Track Name: Spring Covered With Snow
I watch the passing years
Summer dew and autumn clouds
Still restless heart can't share that peace
The noble giants rise aside
Their ancient wisdom joins the skies
But when I close the eyes
I rush towards the past
Where days were always cold...
Should I stay there forever?

My spring is sleeping inside of
The frozen gardens of my bitter memory
Oh, I wish the time could heal
The lifelong agony

I see a perfect world
Of silent harmony
But I'm a bird that's scared to fly
The roots of fear have grown so deep
This is the curse I have to keep
I still remember all
The place without the roads
With no one by my side...
Should I stay there forever?
Track Name: Shattered Universe
One fatal shot changed everything
It seems to be a morbid dream
Now the emptiness is to become
My new reality

And in the world that fell apart
Nothing will be the same
Through utter dark I have to run to find myself

For so long they have tried to fix
What's broken inside me
I'm on my knees, I'm on the ground
This hopeless struggle's all I've got
It's only real in my dreams
The world they took away from me

I fight to break this curse
But some wars can't be won
Lost in a shattered universe
That man is now gone

How to collect scattered pieces of life
when they all slip away?
Only beyond the great divide my tragedy will end
Track Name: The Memories Of a Broken Man
Night falls and they come to me
Ghosts from the days I won't forget
I can hear them crawling near
Upon my walls, upon my bed

Faces and names
Rise from the haze
Turn every breath to shame
Darkness conceals the marks on your skin
But the pain will not go away

The horror's rising again
For years it's stayed inside
Why can't I run away from that hell?
Why does it always drag me back?

Cursing the life
you walk through the fire
breathing the blood and fear
Child of the war,
Your wounded soul will never heal

Rescue me!

I feel the touch of death
It has become a part of me
I am nothing but a prisoner
in the narrow cage of memories of a broken man
Track Name: Scream Of Silence
Come to me once in my sleep
And free me from the never-ending silent scream
Everywhere, I see you everywhere
Now that you're gone, the silence stays

Why did you leave me with this killing silence?
Why did you leave me with this screaming silence?
I see your shadow next to me
But all that's gone cannot be real
Silence swallows me, it burns like flame on my skin
There is a shame deep inside
I know it'll never, never leave

My mistake I can't deny
For many years I've prayed for chance to say goodbye
Couldn’t stay, I know you couldn’t stay
And I understand your loneliness today

Why can't I let it go?
The memories are just a painful echo of the things we can’t redo
I meet you in my dreams over and over again, but...
the morning always ruins all my hopes...
Track Name: Just Tired
I hear your quiet song,
The voice so beautiful and luring
You are here to save me from the bitter truth i know now

The darkest moment,
the moment that is meant for everyone…
Could I ever hope for it to be less lonely?